WUG Life

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WUG Life, our functional gums in small format, sold in hypermarkets, nearest supermarkets, Horeca channel, leisure venues and specialized shops.


WUG Health

Discover also WUG Health,large format, our most complete range.


WUG Energy Ultra 5G

WUG Energy Ultra is an ideal supplement for extreme sports. It has caffeine, ginseng and guarana.


WUG Keep Calm 5G

WUG Keep Calm helps induce sleep. It contains Valerian, Tryptophan and Melisa.


WUG Slim Fit 5G

This is an ideal supplement to help satiate your appetite and control the desire to snack between meals, easily and healthily.


WUG Climax

This is an ideal supplement for your sexual relations. It has Muira Puama, Damiana and Maca Andina


WUG Solar 5G

It is an ideal supplement to activate suntan, helping protect from the external aggressions and promoting cellular renovation.


WUG After Drink

Intake of WUG After Drink metabolises the toxins that are generated with alcohol intake, relieving the symptoms of hangover.


WUG Travel

Cinetosis occurs in different modes of transport and is caused by excessive stimulation of the inner ear structures that regulate balance. WUG Travel is made with Ginger Extract, Vitamins C and B6 that helps to alleviate its effects.