Questions and answer

Why a gum?

By chewing, the active ingredients are assimilated by the oral mucosa. You will begin to perceive its effects in 5 minutes. Other conventional products: drinks, gels, sticks, shots, sprinkles, etc. need the digestive process for optimal assimilation and this implies a delay of 30 to 40 minutes compared to any WUGum product.

How the WUGUM products are made?

WUG gums offer a range of functional products with a formulation based on natural products, trace minerals, botanicals, amino acids, carotenoids, beta-carotene, fruit extracts, natural antioxidants and vitamins.

I am alergic to gluten can I take WUG gums?

WUGum products are suitable for diabetics and celiacs. All our gums are sweetened with steviol glycosides and are gluten free. May contain traces of soya, because the gum base uses this plant. WUG Reartrix is ​​not suitable for people allergic to eggs and derivatives.

I am a professional athlete, can I take Energy WUG gum?

WUG gums are food supplements made from natural products and sweetened with steviol glycosides. They help maintain a healthy body and in the case of professional athletes, none of our products are classified as doping agents. Energy products range have been adequately tested by a reference laboratory of the World Antidoping Agency to ensure they are free of doping agents.

I'm pregnant, Can I consume WUG products?

WUG products are not recommended for children or pregnant women.

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How many gums can I take a day?

Each product contains information about the recommended dose suggested by the manufacturer, as well as nutritional information regarding this dose. Gums contain polyols. An excessive consumption may produce laxative effects, for this reason it is recommended not to exceed the amount of 5 gum daily.

Where can I find WUG products?

You will find our full range of WUG Health products in your pharmacy
WUG Energy + WUG Passion WUG Aqua WUG Lifting WUG Multivit
WUG Diet WUG Bronze WUG Tindal WUG Lutein
WUG Relax WUG After Drink WUG Reartrix WUG Beauty
You will find our full range of WUG Life products in leisure venues, discotheques...
WUG Energy + OrgulloGUM
WUG After Drink WUG After Military
WUG Climax
You will find our full range of WUG Life 5G products in large stores and nearest supermarkets
WUG Energy Ultra WUG Keep Calm WUG Travel
WUG Slim Fit WUG Solar
WUG After Drink WUG Climax

Do you have any questions about our products?

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