WUG Beauty 30 units.

Over the years the skin's firmness, elasticity and collagen are reduced.

WUG Beauty is made with vitamins C and H with antioxidant effect that contribute to the normal formation of collagen for proper skin functioning and cell protection.

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WUG Beauty is made of natural plants and does not require water or digestion. It can be carried around anywhere and it only weights 2 grams. It is available in racks of 2 packs of 15 units.


It is recommended to chew 4 chewing gum throughout the day.


Protect the skin from the appearance of solar erythema caused by UV and UVA rays. It favors the activation and modulation of the immune system. It contributes to the growth and repair of hair, nails and skin.


Recommended daily dose is 4 gums.


Ovomet© · L-Glycine · Vitamin C · Vitamin H

WUG Beauty is not suitable for allergy sufferers to egg and egg products.

Why WUG Beauty

Rate of absorption

Convenience and lightness of carrying it around

High dosage capacity

Insignificant energy intake

Sweetened with steviol glycosides

*The effects may be different depending on each individual, depending on their weight, age, or health status.