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WUG Diet + 15 units.

This is an ideal supplement to help preserve your figure and control the desire to snack between meals, easily and healthily. WUG Diet helps preserve your figure along with a balanced diet and exercise. It is composed of fructooligosacharide and CGMP, only sweetened with steviol glycosides and with a pleasant spearmint flavor.

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WUG Diet is made with natural plants, does not require water, or digestion, and you can take it anywhere since it only weighs 2 grams. You can find it packaged in boxes of 1 pack with 15 units.


Take WUG Diet two hours before main meals to obtain the desired effect Benefits WUG Diet stimulates the secretion of intestinal fluids, similar to how food does, but without adding calories, providing the feeling of satiety. It blocks the absorption of fat and helps achieve the ‘flat belly’ effect


5-HTP · Chrome · Plant Extracts · Garcinia · Green Coffee


It is recommended to chew 1 gum 1 hour before the main meals, lunch and dinner. Water intake may potentiate the satiating effect of its active ingredients. Do not take more than 5 gums a day.

Why WUG Diet

Speed in the reduction of appetite

Rate of absorption

Convenience and lightness of carrying it around

Ability to be used in specific doses

Insignificant energy intake

Sweetened with steviol glycosides

*The effects may be different depending on each individual, depending on their weight, age, or health status.