WUG Functional Gums is the first international company developing a wide range of functional products, based on the advantage that chewing gum allows for the active principle to be instantly absorbed by the body. The effects are noticed after 5’ compared to the 40’ required for any other standard product to work, such as drinks, gels, shots, tablets or bars, which require a digestive process to fully absorb the product.

3 years ago, during a trip to the USA, the founders of the company discovered that the Marines kept a caffeine chewing gum within their survival kit for special missions. As on other occasions, the military sector became the lab of an invention, before it was made available to the general public.

Following several scientific studies which proved the effectiveness and instantaneous effect of administering caffeine through mastication (under the tongue), as opposed to the digestion process required by all other standard products and realising that energy chewing gum manufacturers were only focused on the military sector, the idea of making a range of functional chewing gums for the general consumer was contemplated.


Because when we chew, the active principles are absorbed by the oral mucosa. You will begin to perceive its effects in 5 minutes.. Any other standard products such as drinks, gels, bars, shots, tablets, etc. require a digestive process to fully absorb the product, which implies a delay of 30 to 40 minutes to release the effect that any of the products of the WUGum range provide.

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The WUG project was initially born for the development of an energy chewing gum for elite sportsmen, based on its two competitive advantages against any existing product until then: speed of absorption and ease of use.

During the last two years, our R&D Department has been working on two master product lines:

1) Reducing the bitter taste inherent to caffeine by adding the healthiest and most natural sweetener in the market, Stevia, which makes it suitable for diabetics, as well as reducing the caffeine dose, by increasing the dose of Guarana, a natural source of caffeine of a less bitter type.

2) Developing a line of functional chewing gums to satisfy the needs of all consumers, with our patents and formulations adapted to the new consumption method, ensuring the highest quality of the natural products used in their manufacture.