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    A functional gum for every moment

    Instant extra energy to enjoy your life to the fullest

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    Why gum?

    Because when chewing, the active ingredients are assimilated by the oral mucosa, obtaining an instant effect. In 5 minutes the effect is noticeable compared to the 40 minutes required by any conventional product: drinks, gels, shots, pills or snacks, which require the digestive process for correct assimilation.


    Boosting well-being

    At WUG, we respect everyone's lifestyles and eating habits. Over the years, we have perfected our formulas to make chewing gum with different active ingredients and great flavor, made with the highest quality ingredients, gluten-free, lactose-free, without added sugars and suitable for vegans.

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    Scientifically based

    After analyzing numerous scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of the instant administration of caffeine through chewing (sublingually), compared to the digestion required by other conventional products, the idea of ​​manufacturing a variety of functional gums began to emerge.

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    We have innovation in our blood. So much so that we have created our own product category. WUG is the first company in the world to develop, patent and market functional products in the form of chewing gum. We continue working on new developments that respond to all consumers.


    For all

    During the last two years, our R&D&i Department has worked on one main line: Develop a range of functional chewing gums to satisfy the needs of all consumers, supported by our patents and formulations, ensuring the highest quality of the products. natural materials with which they are manufactured.


    Sustainable awareness

    Sustainability is part of our DNA, we implement it in every stage of our operations and creation process. All the ingredients that make up the base formula of our chewing gum products come from sustainable natural lands in Mexico and Brazil. Our packaging is completely made from recyclable materials, from cardboard to plastic. We aim to do our part in sustainability efforts and make every contribution we can to have a positive effect on the environment.


    Inclusive integration

    At WUG Functional Gums we believe that inclusion is essential, and we actively work to promote an inclusive work environment, which is why in 2017 the WUG Foundation was born.
    WUG Foundation was created with a clear social component, and with the intention of returning part of the benefits of the business generated by the company to society. It focuses above all on helping groups at risk of social exclusion and its main purposes are:

    • Job insertion: Its objective is to achieve, through employment management, the job insertion of people with specific needs and other sensitive groups.
    • Educational - socio - cultural purposes: The promotion of education, training and culture through the implementation of various activities and projects.
    • Technological development purposes: Promotion and development of initiatives related to research in sectors of technological innovation R&D&I applied to food supplements and foods.
    • Social purposes: The realization and participation of charitable activities that aim to improve the conditions of those groups at risk of social exclusion and especially children.

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    Immediate effect

    The active ingredients in our chewing gum take only 5 minutes to take effect because they do not require digestion.

    Everyone enjoy

    Our chewing gums are lactose-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free to fit most lifestyles.

    100% vegan and sustainable

    All our ingredients are completely natural and our packaging is completely made with recyclable materials

    Only 2 calories

    Our chewing gum takes care of your body so you can enjoy its active ingredients without worrying about keeping your shape.