WUG Bronze

It is an ideal supplement to activate suntan, helping protect from the external aggressions and promoting cellular renovation. It contains Beta- Carotene, Lycopene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, sweetened with steviol glycosides and has a pleasant spearmint flavour.

WUG Bronze is made of natural plants and does not require water or digestion. It can be carried around anywhere and it only weights 2 grams. It is available in racks of 12 packs of 15 units each.


WUG Bronze can be taken ten minutes before sun exposure. For people over 80 Kg of weight, two gums are recommended in order to achieve the required effect.


Intake of WUG Bronze prepares the skin for sun exposure, making it more resistant and helping achieve a faster and more uniform suntan as it activates Melanin.


Beta-Carotene · Lycopene · Vitamin C · Vitamin E · Vitamin D3

Active ingredients


Beta-Carotenes are antioxidant precursors of Vitamin A, with skin care properties, which keep it shinier and more tanned and protect it from free radicals.


Lycopene is another type of Carotene, which provides a red colour, protects cells and prevents the destruction of cells by UV rays.

Vitamina E

Vitamin E keeps the skin hydrated and is able to repair the effects of the sun rays, keeping a longer-lasting tan. It also protects cells from DNA destruction and captures free radicals.

Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant which prevents cell DNA damage under the exposure to free radicals and sun rays. Additionally, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimises sunburn and restores skin flexibility.

Vitamin D3

Helps to adequate skin health and cell function, providing natural protection from ultra-violet light exposure.
Vitamin D is generated in the skin under sun exposure and it helps to protect it.


It is recommended to chew 1 gum 10 minutes before exposure to the sun or UVA. It is recommended to take 1 gum daily, 5 days before the intense exposure to the sun to prepare the skin. Use the sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type. Do not take more than 5 gums a day. The effects may be different depending on each individual, depending on their weight, age, or health status.

Why WUG Bronze


Prepares skin for sun exposure
Faster and longer-lasting suntan
Activates Melanin Instant effect
Discreet and easy to carry around
Very low caloric intake
Sweetened with Steviol glycosides
Reduced price

*The effects may be different depending on each individual, depending on their weight, age, or health status.